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Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

Starting your path to natural medicine can be overwhelming. The craze of essential oils and all of their many uses can seem confusing at the beginning. How to use them, which brands are the best and most potent, should I dilute them prior to use; are some of the frequently asked questions. I have created this guide to help you understand essential oils and what are the best ways to use them for your lifestyle.

How To Use Essential Oils

Here is a simple guide on where to place the essential oils topically and great DoTerra oil recommendations for each area. Keep this reference handy when starting these products.

Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils: are primarily used for dilution purposes to decrease skin sensitivity. It can help with better absorption and if making larger batches of a desired product. Using a “Fractionated” version of these oils can assist with obtaining a longer shelf life. Here are some of the most common carrier oils:


For Topical Use: Always check for sensitivity on your first use of an any kind of oil. Start with 1 – 2 drops and increase as needed. Repeat dose every 4-6 hours as needed. Every one will react differently to oils, therefore always test a small spot that you can monitor for reaction is important. If the reaction is very mild consider using it with a carrier oil. If the reaction persists, discontinue use.

For Internal Use: Always make sure you are reading as directed on the label. Always start with one drop. If the label states it is not intended for internal use do not ingest the oil. Make sure it is not contraindicated with any prescription medications you may be taking. They are certain herbs or plants that can cause adverse side effects with medications.

Sun Sensitivity: Checking to make sure excessive sun exposure will not cause a reaction, especially with citrus based oils. Always read labels to make sure there will not be a reaction.

My Experience

I have been using oils for about 5 years now. It has made a change in my health, I have a decrease in skin sensitivity and no longer use toxic chemicals for my skin or home. The brand I prefer is DoTerra. UI have tried most of the brands in the market and find that they have the purest form of products. They test their products for 100% authenticity and therefore come in smaller bottle or 15mL or 5 mL. Other brands on the market have a bigger quantity for about the same price because they are filled mainly with the carrier oils as explained above. DoTerra also has their exclusive blends like DigestZen, OnGuard, Breathe or Serenity which I am always talking about because those are my favorites at the moment. Here is a link if you’re interested in purchasing any of their products for wholesale pricing instead of retail. DoTerra Products.

Essential oils have endless benefits and possibilities and can replace many over the counter medications and household products. Essential oils can be used as preventative medicine but like all the funny memes on the internet; it is definitely not intended for care in the Emergency setting or for unstable situations. You will not regret incorporating essential oils to your daily lifestyle.