10 Tips To Finish Your New Year’s Resolutions

“New Year, New Me” or “this year will be my year” is the common New Year’s Mantra. It’s time to be honest with ourselves, how many resolutions did you make last year compared to what you actually accomplished? Let’s start this New Year with the goal of keeping And finishing all the resolutions.

Setting up realistic goals for the new year can be simple. Instead of starting all the goals you wish to obtain for the new year in January, set goals per day or month depending on how long the goal will take to achieve. Rome was not built in a day, spend each day being productive to obtain your goals. And of course, rest when it’s necessary. Don’t be too hard on yourself either.



  1. Be Realistic
  2. Plan Ahead
  3. Outline your plan
  4. Talk about them/ write them down
  5. Track your progress
  6. Reward yourself
  7. Stick to it/ Keep trying
  8. Commit to 21 days: that’s how long habits take to form
  9. Remember your WHY
  10. Don’t beat yourself up

These easy tips can help you have a successful year to come without going crazy. Small implementations to your daily life can make a huge difference once you reflect after the year is over.

“If you think about tomorrow, you’re wasting today”. -Gino SantaBarbara.

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