8 Benefits of CBD Oil

What is CBD oil?

It is Cannabidiol oil that is derived from marijuana. It can be combined with the psychoactive portion which is THC for a feeling of being “high” but when used alone it has many health benefits. It can be combined and packaged with hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Alleviate cancer related symptoms

Reduces anxiety and depression

Reduces pain

Reduces inflammation

Reduces stress

Relieves nausea

Manages seizures

Improves digestive issues


Can vary depending on the reason for usage. The common dosage is 5-15 droppers under tongue for best absorption. It can make you feel relaxed for easier sleep but doesn’t necessarily cause drowsiness. So it can be used daily. It can also be used in vape form so look at packaging for dosing. The vape does work faster but the drops have a longer effect.

My Experience

I personally love this product because I don’t like the effects of the psychoactive THC and can use it when I am feeling stressed, anxious or dealing with sciatica, neck or back pain.And you don’t have to be worried that it might show up positive for marijuana on a drug test. The tests are for THC not CBD. I purchase mine directly from ThoughtCloud .

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