Flu season? Quick 4 Ingredient Immune Booster

Just in time for flu season. Ditch the toxic store bought “Emergen-C” packs that make you’re immune system work harder.

So you’ve had a hectic schedule and the time change is taking a toll on you and now to add to it all, you feel like you’re getting sick. I usually keep turmeric and ginger root at home to juice or for teas. But when I’m not feeling well and in a rush my juicer is not an option and I don’t have time to steep tea. Instead of settling for taking the flu vaccine and possibly still getting it or taking the over the counter product with fake and processed vitamins. Here’s a quick natural solution to boost your immune system with 4 ingredients you always have at home.

Immune Boost Ingredients

  • Squeeze 2 lemons
  • 1 tsp ground turmeric
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • Dash of cayenne pepper
  • Mix well and bottoms up!

Dilute with water if needed but taking it as a shot is best.

You can make more if you’d like to immune boost throughout your day. Knowing when you start to get sick earlier and nipping it in the butt helps for a faster recovery.

Video Tutorial

You can definitely use this option instead of getting the flu vaccine which states it has a safe amount of mercury ( a type of heavy metal) and formaldehyde (used to preserve corpses). If you wouldn’t naturally ingest these ingredients why inject it into your muscle? And it doesn’t have a great percentage of working either. Studies show it has about a 5%-10% success rate on preventing the flu. And each year you continue to get the vaccine you become more susceptible to a stronger form of the virus.

Informational reference on flu vaccines

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