5 Tips for a Healthy Shift

The usual shift can be 12- 13 hours if you calculate lunch and driving time. This can be very draining to the body especially if you’re working multiple shifts in a row. Setting up a successful plan to stay healthy is important. Here are tips to prepare you to become healthier and more energetic for your shifts to come.

Healthy Shift Tips


  1. Prepare your meals in advance (especially if it’s 3+ shifts in a row).
  2. Stay hydrated (at least 2.5-3L of water for the day).
  3. Stretch before and after work (I doubt you’re going to sit down all day).
  4. Ignore the unhealthy yummy snacks.
  5. Medicate with coffee PRN.

Following these tips will help you prevent and eliminate the burnout that can come with being in healthcare. Working so many hours and not being properly prepared will eventually catch up with you. You must set an example for your patients. They won’t listen to education on changing to healthier lifestyle habits if we don’t take our own advice. How can you care for others if you aren’t caring for yourself?


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