Stomach Flu Natural Remedy

Stomach flu symptoms can be very debilitating. You can be glued to your bathroom for quite some time.  Instead of taking the average over the counter remedies to stop the symptoms I have created a blend of oils to help cope with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. You never want to take something to make this stop because it is the body’s natural defense to expel any virus or bacteria. You have to let the body run it’s own course of healing. I started using the doTERRA products because they are the most concentrated and purest forms of these oils. They are also one of the few brands approved for ingestion. See labels on bottle for dilution instructions.

Stomach Flu Blend

3 drops Peppermint

2 drops Lemon

2 drops Lavender

1 drop of Tea Tree

1 drop of Frankincense

1 tsp of organic olive oil or coconut oil for dilution (if needed for sensitive skin).

This remedy can be used to rub directly on abdomen starting from the right to left side where digestion flows to help decrease symptoms. Or placed in oil diffuser for aromatic therapy. You don’t need the olive or coconut oil if using the oil diffuser only.

Stomach Flu symptoms should go away within 3 days. Stay hydrated with water or coconut water for electrolyte replacement. Make sure to fast during this time. You should not be eating your regular diet. Have clear liquids to hydrate and warming vegetable broth to settle your stomach. Slowly introduce your normal diet. Start with bland foods like banana, apples, white rice, ginger tea, etc.

If interested on these products here is a link for  doTERRA Wholesale Pricing.

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