Chronic Fatigue and Anxiety Relief

Fatigue and anxiety are common symptoms we all struggle with.  The prescription anti-anxiety medications can make you very drowsy and the long-term side effects are known to cause dementia. And if you’re using coffee for your fatigue you’re probably still exhausted but with an increased heart rate.  Hence, more anxiety. Anxiety and chronic fatigue are related to the adrenal glands. Our adrenals are what release the hormones (adrenaline and norepinephrine) for “flight or fight” mode. If we are constantly overworking ourselves, the glands keep releasing and it is hard for them to know when to stop.
 Ashwagandha (Ash.wa.gan.dha) is an herb that has been referred to as Indian Ginseng because of its ability to enhance stamina and has extraordinary stress relieving properties.
For better absorption the product with black pepper is best. Here is the product I use. I take one tablet once a day.
Maca is another herb that helps with enhancing, energy and mood.  It can be made into powder form and I personally find it to be the easiest way to use it. I blend it into my smoothies and mix it into my morning oats. This bag should last about 4+ months. All you need is a generous spoonful in your recipe.
Sometimes the sleep and wake cycles of night shift can take a toll on your sleeping pattern and adrenal glands. I rarely have a night or morning where I toss and turn before bed anymore because my adrenal glands are not “tired” like they used to be. It allows for a more restful sleep as well. And I have found that calming my adrenals has improved my anxiety. I used to sit on my couch randomly feeling my chest tightening and increased shortness of breath. I have not had any episodes like that in so long and the feeling of taking control of your anxiety and tired feeling is very satisfying.
If you are taking other supplements or prescription medications please consult with your physician. 

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  1. Sushine says:

    Thank you so much my private nurse I just ordered in Amazon a bottle so I will start taking one capsule a day for my anxieties thanks for your blog ……


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