DIY Natural Teeth Whitening


Coconut Oil for a brighter smile

The most effective and cheapest teeth whitener is coconut oil pulling. I used to always have bleaching trays done at the dentist. My teeth would always feel sensitive until the next day and the pain of it accidentally getting on your gums is unbearable. The expensive light treatments done at the dentist can be very harmful as well. And let’s not start on the overpriced, over the counter white strips.  So I looked for safer, natural alternatives and found that coconut oil works even better and doesn’t give you the sensitive feeling after using it or ruin your enamel. I recommend using it at night before bed because like any teeth whitening, you’re teeth are more prone to staining right after a session.  


Brush your teeth and floss before.

Add a small teaspoon of coconut oil and swish around your mouth for as long as you can. 5 – 15 minutes is ideal. Always rinse mouth thoroughly after use.

If you have your own fitted trays or standard trays you can place it on there for the same amount of time.

Repeat for 7 days.

For maintenance whitening repeat for 3 days every 2 months or when you notice teeth yellowing.


Do not spit excess oil down your sink or bath tub. It will clog the drain. For lasting results, rinse mouth with water or brush your teeth after coffee, tea, or juices. The coconut oil I prefer is very affordable and lasts me for a few months and I use it for numerous things besides whiter teeth. It’s organic as well. Organic Coconut Oil

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