Making the switch to a healthier lifestyle.
You can have your cake and eat it too with the right moderation. I have been plant-based for 3 years now and I rarely eat salads unless I am truly in the mood. As time passes our taste buds change and adapt. I first started by eliminating red meat and pork. Staying with chicken and fish and slowly I was getting grossed out by the food. And now I’ve completely eliminated any type of meats and stay pretty strict to fruits and veggies; with the occasional grilled cheese and certain desserts. I am Human. I am not claiming to be vegan but I strive to be more plant based and cruelty free. I found that putting a label on yourself can stop the motivation of being a happier healthier you. Just try your hardest. Noting the progress and benefits each day.
Make the switch at your own pace for a better success rate. I hear testimonies of people going “vegan” in 4.5 hours after watching all the documentaries. My journey was different and so will yours.  I watched them and slowly made the changes. We need time to change our habits. We’re so hard on ourselves because we worry what people will say. Who cares what they say. Just always remember a small change is still a CHANGE. Pat yourself on the back for the progress you’re making.
Videos and Documentaries I watched 
The Food Talk 101 (youtube)
Earthlings (very GRAPHIC)
Forks Over Knives
What The Health
Genetic Roulette
Supersize Me
As long as you have a good balance of 85% healthier choices and 15% of whatever you want. Be mindful of your portion sizes as well. Just because it’s healthy does not mean you can eat more.
See what resonates with your physical, mental, spiritual and environmental values.
Just find what feels good.

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