Meet Me: Hippie Nurse


Hi fellow hippies.

Thank you for having interest on my page. My name is Amanda.  I am an Emergency RN, BSN. I am married to the love of my life and I have 6 fur babies. (4 cats and 2 dogs). I love using natural remedies and toxic free ingredients in all aspects of my life. I am mainly plant based for a few years now and the benefits of my switch are endless. In my spare time, I love spending time with my husband and family, practicing yoga, walking my dogs, reading, traveling, and researching new holistic lifestyle changes and remedies.

I have noticed that people who are rarely seen at the hospital are those who use Eastern (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic medicine, also those who eat a mainly plant based diet. The chance of having a chronic disease are very low and are rarely on prescription medications to increase their longevity.

I started researching herbal medicine and integrating it into my daily life. I used to suffer from IBS symptoms (diarrhea and constipation), acne, chronic fatigue. Eliminating artificial, processed foods and switching to a more plant based, whole food diet has changed how I feel. We have animal products in practically every meal or snack that we eat and the increase in diabetes, high blood pressure, etc is getting out of control. Especially in younger individuals. These diseases were diagnosed around the age range of 40s and 50s but they are now seen in patients in their mid or late 20s.
My mission is to provide affordable informational ingredients and products to improve the quality of life of my readers. Helping to guide you to a natural lifestyle on a budget. I believe that herbs, food, and natural remedies can help prevent disease and treat the underlying causes to help you life your best life.  Combining eastern views to the western world can change the way you look and feel.
Health care starts with SELF CARE

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  1. Tina says:

    You are awesome!

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